Love refund

If only it was possible to get a refund for unrequited love. You realise that the love you’ve spent so much on doesn’t feel right. You can’t justify all that you’ve invested when it’s doing nothing for you. You realise you’re better off with out it so you take it back and get a refund. Nothing lost, just insight gained. Wouldn’t that be amazing? 


4 thoughts on “Love refund

  1. I think heartbreaks are a learning experience. If ” that ” guy didn’t break my heart when I was 18, I wouldn’t left to go study abroad, I wouldn’t have dated so many guys when I was in my 20′ , I wouldn’t left home when I was 18.
    All the other Love that I gave to guys with nothing or very little in return, made me the strong woman I’m today even if… Unfortunately I don’t trust mens even when it comes to little thing.
    If I could get a refund ? Maybe That would be nice but I would still keep the experiences and the heartbreaks

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  2. I am convinced that different people bring out different sides of you.

    Sometimes you have to accept the fact that there are things that will never go back to how they used to be.

    I admire people who choose to smile after all the things they’ve been through.


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