Selfless in a selfish world

It’s hard to be selfless in a world where people are only in it for themselves. It seems that in order to get on in life you’d have to put yourself first. It’s easier to do, just make it ‘me, me, me’. But being selfish is a lonely place. 

On the other hand, being selfless means you’ll be surrounded by people who may appreciate you and what you do for them, or people who use and abuse your kind nature to their advantage. These are the selfish people. 

So which would you choose to be?

Personally, I am selfless. I’d always think about the feelings of others before my own. Not always a good thing I can tell you, but it means that I have that satisfaction of making others happy at the very least. For all those times that I felt like I wanted to give up, having those moments where I knew putting other people first made them happy, made it worthwhile for me. 

I’ve had moments where I did things solely to make others happy. These things have led to many days where I’ve felt depressed and regretful. But if it means that everyone around me is happy, I can deal with it. It’s just who I am.


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