What matters is on the inside

Most people in society today believe that appearance is everything. But is it really? Do people look at the packaging before considering whether the product is worth the effort of being unwrapped?
I think this is somewhat true. People are attracted by appearance initially, before they decide to get to know a person. But this should in no way be a means for you to judge a person without knowing what goes on in their mind. Sometimes the packaging can reveal something beautifully unexpected. 
Appearance is a facade one uses to distract from their insecurities. I personally feel as though when my appearance (via make up and clothing) is somewhat alright, I find myself with a heightened confidence. 
Today we have social media. It has helped this situation. It allows two individuals to get to know each other before appearance is even an issue. If your personality is beautiful it can attract someone who is worth the effort more than appearance ever could. 
Now I’m not saying appearance shouldn’t matter. But it most definitely shouldn’t be the ONLY thing that matters. 


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