What is a Ninjabi?

Some of you may be unfamiliar with the term ‘Ninjabi’. It is something I put together thinking it would be unique to me only to find others have also come up with the term (don’t you hate when that happens?). Anyhow, it comes from my love of Ninjas and all things Japanese and my being a Hijabi. A Hijabi is a female Muslim who has made the intention to cover her hair and wear a headscarf out of her faith and religion. It is a personal choice to be made and should never be forced upon anyone, contrary to what people believe today. 
My love for all things Japanese started when a friend introduced me to an Anime (Japanese animation). After watching a few episodes I started to pick up a few phrases and later started looking into Japanese culture. As for Ninjas, who wouldn’t want to be one? 
So that is basically it, marrying the two words together I came up with Nin-jabi. 


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