Unrequited Love

ℒℴѵℯ – A simple four letter word that can bring about so many different emotions.. Can have you on the highest high.. And at your lowest low. Simple, yet powerful. But what is love it if it is unrequited? Is it still love? Or is it a waste of emotion?

When we think about love, we think of the most amazing feeling, being with the one person who means everything, having all the happiness in the world. But a love that is unrequited is merely a source of heartache. Knowing that you’d give your all to someone but they don’t feel the same, is heartbreaking. So what do we do? Keep this feeling hidden? Or would it be easier to express it and accept that nothing can ever happen of it?
It is very complicated to say the least. But I would say, don’t keep it hidden. Allow yourself to express your feelings and give your ‘special someone’ the chance to understand you. Trying has never harmed anyone. And keeping things bottled up never helped anyone, trust me I know.


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